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Are you looking for gaming content that will entertain and teach you something? Are you a beginner looking for some tips to get into the gaming world? Are you happiest when your fingers are moving 1000 miles an hour to win that game?

Then this is where you want to be!

Welcome to Trigger Movement! We are an up-and-coming online gaming magazine with a bunch of the craziest, quirkiest, and most game-focused creators and writers you will find in one space.

Our whole team are gaming enthusiasts, and we play everything from Candy Crush (cover face) to Final Fantasy and some of our team members have even competed in eSports events.

Our main goal with this magazine is to bring our readers the best and latest news on consoles, new game releases, events, and much, much more. We have you covered whether you are staring at the gaming world with wide eyes wondering where to start or training 40 hours per week to get ready for the next tournament.

Online Games

We enjoy online games of all genres, platforms, and cool factors. Online games have made being a gamer a mobile business which is fantastic as we can now play and take over the world from anywhere.

Online gambling also offers some unique advantages. Find out all about it here on Trigger Movement.

Console Games

Debating about which console is the best is a gaming tradition. We bring you the pros and cons, the latest releases on different consoles, and what the gaming world is saying about it all.

No matter what your preference – PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, Wii – we will have some articles to tickle your fancy.


eGaming is no longer for the future and is growing bigger and bigger by the second. We have team members training and playing in some of the biggest tournaments in the world and they will dish on all the inside info you could want. Become a part of the excitement right here with Trigger Movement.


We invite you to advertise in our online magazine and get the exposure your gaming-related business needs to get that next big gig.

The Trigger Movement team welcomes you and wishes you happy hunting across our website to find all the gaming gems you need to up your game and get to the big boss level.