Case Study


A training manager from Accenture got in touch with us, to see if we could help develop his team leaders and managers develop their self-awareness, their own styles of leadership and create a mini-culture within their teams.

We tailored our content and our approach to fit their team and their busy schedule and created a high-impact, enjoyable and challenging environment in order to reach the desired outcomes.


16 leaders from different teams in Accenture: Sales, IT, Software and Customer Service were identified and brought onto Trigger Movement’s Mindset for Leaders programme. We spent time with the Senior project lead to establish clear outcomes for each individual and for the programme.

Throughout the engagement, we delved into culture; self-awareness; coaching; leadership; communication; the effects of praise on performance; motivation; the science of mindset and facilitated a blended learning approach to the programme.

Anyone with experience of “training” will know, that initially there was some hesitation and nerves, which we managed to address by quickly creating a safe, comfortable and relaxed learning environment.

We adapted the programme to fit around the individual requirements of the leaders, but also around the business challenges the teams had over the course. Each of the leaders came away with a greater sense of team and self; and had a variety of exercises – such as Beyond the Skills and the Development Pyramid to further embed their learning.


Mindset for Leaders



What We Did

Engagement, Productivity, Team Motivation, Team Effectiveness and Practically develop growth-minded, principle-centred cultures.

Richard - Accenture Sales Team Lead

“It was a pleasure to be part of your training. It will help me with clearer communication; more enjoyment at work; more directness when required and has encouraged me to reflect and think more.”

“Very interesting couple of days, my take-away was how to build a culture”

“The Team is now more focussed and self-sustaining”


We successfully delivered a two-day Mindset for Leaders course, with 16 managers of Accenture’s sales, risk and customer services teams.

The workshop was enhanced with Beyond the Skills leadership tool.


We have developed a close relationship with the Accenture Training Manager, and providing ongoing support to develop their leadership and coaching practices.

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