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…is a peculiar thing. The reason I bring it up, is because having “it”, or not having “it” makes such a difference to your life, your contentedness, your performance – everything. But where does it come from? Since the days I was a young aspiring cricketer – one day playing for my club, being a […]

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Social Media has changed the face of Leadership. Pay attention now, or risk destruction later. The demands of leading a high-profile organisation has changed and there’s no going back. The treatment of David Dao, the now infamous United Airlines passenger this week was appalling. Just as bad, has been the organisation’s response, in particular the […]

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Back to the Corner — The Bell has rung on our first round…

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A short reflection on our first six months in business. I am delighted to say that things are moving rapidly at Trigger Movement — we haven’t always got everything right as a startup company, but we are making progress, attracting more people and projects and the bottom line is looking healthier! One of our first steps was […]

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Stop Praising Me. Please.

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One of the most important elements to being a successful anything — athlete, employee, individual, business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, is motivation. We are not talking about Mr. Motivator here… although this form of “motivation” no doubt has it’s place, doing cross-fit, pushing out the last set in the gym, running the last lap, keeping going in the […]

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Johnny Football… oh, wait

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The pressure on young athletes today is crazy It’s not been that long since sports stars were amateur, or were paid modestly. Just think, it’s not so long since Rugby players had other jobs, Cricketers had beer bellies (some still do…) and cycling and athletics were good honest sports you could trust. For every Steph […]

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