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LinkedIn… The good, the bad and the future

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The good LinkedIn have introduced an analytics tool which helps track demographics that will allow analysts and marketers to understand who is visiting their site from the platform. It will allow companies to use LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to optimise their marketing efforts by targeting potential clients or customers in a more effective way. LinkedIn, which now […]

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Social Media has changed the face of Leadership. Pay attention now, or risk destruction later. The demands of leading a high-profile organisation has changed and there’s no going back. The treatment of David Dao, the now infamous United Airlines passenger this week was appalling. Just as bad, has been the organisation’s response, in particular the […]

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Stop Praising Me. Please.

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One of the most important elements to being a successful anything — athlete, employee, individual, business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, is motivation. We are not talking about Mr. Motivator here… although this form of “motivation” no doubt has it’s place, doing cross-fit, pushing out the last set in the gym, running the last lap, keeping going in the […]

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Talent Selection

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How do we know we are making the right decision? 2015 NFL Draft Trigger Movement writes an article a day this week to dig into the NFL Draft, and what other sports, business, athletes and coaches can learn from it… What is the biggest thing we look at when selecting talent or making a decision on […]

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