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By November 9, 2016Digital, Strategy

This morning like many, I woke up and was surrounded by the news of the US presidential election result. I did what most do today and I looked through my various social feeds before I got out of bed. Three things caught my eye while scrolling. A particular article by Adweek, an infographic and an Instagram post.

The Adweek article described how the US presidential election wasn’t won by the best candidate but rather the best marketer. It was. Trump’s team used social tools and media to distract from the real issues they face. He fed America bullshit ‘facts’ with no consequence to providing blatant lies (This needs to change).

The infographic was the age demographics of voters and who they voted for. It had an eerily similar look to the Brexit voting demographics.

The Instagram post was by Macklemore, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, of his daughter sleeping. He explained in his post how he was not going to allow the result fo this election effect how his daughter would be raised to view the world.

While the effects of Brexit and the US election result will remain to be seen, there is clearly a divide in what different generations want. This is turn will mean a change in culture will follow and with a change in culture, there will come a change in how we communicate.

With a generation coming through that wants to see honesty and transparency it will mean that brands will need to illustrate to the coming generations their values in order to dominate their industries attention economy.

Donald Trump said he wanted to ‘Make America Great Again’ and that’s what people have bought into. It was a load of shite but it resonated with people. We can take something from this. People clearly buy into something more than just an end result (buying a product, becoming president etc). They buy into the message.

It’s this dynamic cultural change that will continue to develop in the coming years that will have the largest long-term effect on the world and business’.


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