Facebook Insights – The Basics

Facebook Insights can be a very powerful tool, but the number of definitions and graphs can paralyse you. In this blog, you can learn the basics to get you started.

Trigger Movement - Facebook Insights Featured ImageFacebook Insights can be a valuable tool in helping you get the most out of the platform. Their Insights can help understand your community and guide you in creating content that is more engaging and meaningful while also helping you to achieve your KPIs. So knowing this, you’ve obviously started to use Facebook Insights, right? Well, what happened? Did you open it up and the number of metrics and graphs put you off? No need to worry, in this blog I will outline the best way for you to use Facebook Insights as well as a few of the main terms that you will need to know to get to grips with this powerful tool.

Where To Begin?

Before diving into the metrics provided by Facebook Insights my advice to you would be to first understand why you are using Facebook. Once this is decided you can then look into what metrics are best for you to follow. For example, you run a media agency, Facebook for you is a way to increase brand awareness within your target market. This will inform you as to what metrics you need to consider. Your best bet as a media agency is to follow metrics that show an increase in your brand’s reach and people’s affinity with your brand. Metrics like Reach, Impressions, Engagement, Follows etc are all good metrics for you (See the definitions list for more info on these metrics). If you use Facebook to increase conversions, e.g. A shop wanting to increase traffic to their online website. Impressions are not as valuable to you, link clicks (people going to your website from Facebook) are a more valuable metric for you to follow. This is not to say that these metrics are useless. They all serve a purpose, but if you are starting out my advice would be to focus on the most important metrics. This way you will avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’. Other metrics can be added later as you get more comfortable with Facebook Insights. There are many different reasons why you might use Facebook, here are some important definitions to help you on your way.

Important Facebook Insights Definitions.

Facebook Insights can be looked at from two main levels, Page or Post. Page Insights are how well your Page is performing and Post Insights are how well Posts are performing.

Post Type: The type of content included in your Facebook post. This could be a Photo, Video, Status, or a Link.

Engagement: A Like, Comment, Share or click on a post on your Page/Post.

Users Engaged: The number of unique people who Liked, Commented, Shared or clicked on posts on your Page.

Engagement Rate: The percentage of people who saw activity on your Page/Post and engaged with your it (ie. they liked, commented, shared or clicked on it)

Consumption: An interaction with your Post/Page’s activity. Consumptions include Photo Views, Video Plays, Link Clicks. and Other Clicks*

*Other Clicks are interactions that create stories and layout clicks (e.g. clicking on a page title).

People Reached: The number of unique people who saw your Facebook Page’s activity/Post. Reach can be segmented into:

  • Organic Reach: The number of people who saw activity related to your Page/Post directly from your Page
  • Paid Reach: The number of people who saw activity related to your Page/Post due to your paid Facebook ad
  • Viral Reach: The number of people who saw activity related to your Page/Post due to engagement by a friend e.g. if someone Likes, Comments, or Shares a post by your Page, and their friend sees your Page/Post from this engagement.

Impressions: The total number of times your page’s activity or Post was seen by other people on Facebook. Impressions can be segmented into:

  • Organic Impressions: The number of times people saw activity related to your Page or Post directly from your Page
  • Paid Impressions: The number of times people saw activity related to your Page or Post due to your paid Facebook ad.
  • Viral Impressions: The number of times people saw your Page/Post due to a engagement by a friend e.g. if someone likes, comments or shares your Post, and their friend sees your Post from this engagement.

Promoted Post: A Post that you paid to have distributed across Facebook as a Facebook ad.

Negative Feedback: Any unfavourable action received, e.g. when a user hides a Post from their news feed, when a user unlikes your Page, or when a user reports a post as spam.

Fan Posts: When a Facebook user publically publishes a Post to your Facebook Page.

Demographics: The age, gender, country, city, and language of Facebook users.

Video Views: The total number of video minutes viewed on your Page in a specified time frame.

3-Seconds Video Views: The number of times your Page’s videos were viewed for 3 seconds or more during a selected time frame.

Response Time: The amount of time it took for your Page to respond to a fan’s Post.

Response Rate: The percentage of Fan Posts that the Page has responded to with a Comment.


There are a lot more metrics Facebook Insights has to offer, these definitions were just to help you get started. If you know why you use Facebook, what metrics to track, and the lingo needed to understand them, Insights is a great tool that can help you on your way to conquering the world, plus it’s free. If you’d like to know more about Facebook Insights and how they can help you, or if you have any questions on some of the other areas we cover, feel free to contact us at info@triggermovement.com You can also check out other topics we cover on our Media Page here and stay up to date with all our content by signing up to our newsletter here.


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