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At Trigger Movement we release a variety of statistics related to the Digital World on our social channels. Today most businesses are in some way part of the digital world. So if you are a business owner, a marketer, or just have a general interest, these statistics can help you get a better understanding of the digital world which will allow you to create effective strategies and see and predict trends. With 2018 now a memory we at Trigger Movement think it’s a good time to look back at our top Irish Digital Statistics from the year to help you look forward from 2019 and onwards. In this blog, we highlight our top statistics from the year and some insights we gained from these stats. Enjoy.

Facebook Engagement by Post Types

Trigger Movement - Gif Facebook EngagementHere we can see the engagement rates for Facebook Posts by Types in Ireland. The average for all posts is 3.94%, which is quite low, however when your post includes a video the average engagement is 10.26%. Video can take more resources than other types of posts but when used correctly they elicit a better response from users. This is something you should consider when thinking about your content plan for 2019.

First Awareness of Product

Trigger Movement - First aware productThis statistic highlights the wide array of channels that Irish consumers first become aware of a product or service. ‘Traditional media’ still holds a strong place with Irish consumers. Together TV and Online make up over half of Irish users first discovery of a product or service, 59%. It is worth considering for a marketing strategy to be wide-reaching you need an omnichannel approach. However, for your business, this could less cost-effective. Digital when done right can be impactful on a restricted budget. Brand building and awareness are not just for traditional channels, see a recent tweet from Shane O’Leary discussing this.

Consumers Trust Online Reviews

Trigger Movement - Trust online reviews85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This statistic is a massive endorsement of consumer reviews and UGC(User Generated Content), in general. The rise of the Digital World has led to a new type of consumer, the Active Consumer, something we’ve written about: The Active Consumer And Your Business. We would advise that your Digital Strategy for 2019 should involve the promotion of Customer Reviews of your business.

Mobile Website Loading Times

Trigger Movement - Gif Mobile SpeedMost Irish consumers own a smartphone and we are using it more and more for our regular internet activities. You probably already know this, but you also need to be aware that your website not only needs to be responsive on mobile, but quick. Internet users are on the go and won’t wait for your site. Having a site that loads in 5 seconds or less ends in viewing sessions that are 70% or longer. This increases your ad revenue, chances for conversions etc. If your site is correctly developed for mobile then for 2019 you should also ensure the content you upload is not too big and in the newest formats (Images in JPEG 2000, JPEG XR etc).

Irish Podcasts

Trigger Movement - Podcasts38% of Irish people listen to podcasts monthly, above the EU average of 27% and the American average of 33%. Clearly, they are popular in Ireland and they also have a particularly young demographic. This could be a content avenue for your business in 2019. Podcast do not take as much resources as something like video. The average podcast runtime is just over 40 minutes which is something to consider if you have a detailed topic to discuss.

Organic V Paid Searches

Trigger Movement - Gif Paid V Organic
Considering spending on Google Ads or SEO in 2019? These stats are important factors to consider before making your choice. Most users haven’t made their mind up about a brand before searching (there’s still an opportunity for your brand persuade the consumer), and a lot of users ignore the paid searches (70-80%). According to New Media Campaign, they concluded that Organic SEO is 5.66 times better as it’s more likely to get clicks and conversions. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore running a paid search campaign completely. It takes time and a lot of effort to get to the top position of an organic search result, paid search 
strengths lie in its speed and ability to expand.

We have a lot more statistics to you to sink your teeth into, these can be found on our social channels: links here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at You can also check out other topics we cover on our Media Page here and stay up to date with all our content by signing up to our newsletter here.



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