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In the words of Mugatu from Zoolander, Instagram is so hot right now. Many Irish brands are at the forefront of this trend. Strutting their stuff down the Instagram catwalk. I apologise for the fashion puns. In all seriousness, Instagram’s meteoric rise seems unstoppable. From its launch in 2010 where it gained 1 million users in 2 months, to present day where it currently has 1 billion users. This news almost went unnoticed as it was announced the same time as their new feature IGTV.

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Statista report on the number, in millions, of monthly active Instagram users – June 2018
Instagram hasn’t stopped there either. It has announced a raft of new updates to the app, from Video Chat to Instagram Music. This has helped the platform outperform its rivals and even its owners, Facebook. Twitter and SnapChat have found themselves in a strange place in 2018 and some will say they’ve plateaued. Facebook’s growth has slowed down and, more importantly, it is losing popularity amongst teenagers (the cool people). Instagram, as a visual content medium has also proven popular with brands. It has a wide appeal amongst different types of audiences. No matter what type of business you run, you can more than likely find an audience for it on the platform. It also does not use algorithms to limit who can see your posts. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your carefully crafted content will appear on your follower’s feed. Instagram has also consistently innovated (borrowed) ideas. Users can Live Stream, create ephemeral stories, poll followers, create stickers etc. These allow brands to further connect with and understand their communities. With that said, we at Trigger Movement thought it would be a good time to showcase some of the Irish Brands that are knocking Instagram out of the park.
20.6k – Followers
A young Irish brand who opened their distillery in March 2015 in the Liberties district of Dublin. This company have crafted a beautiful and classy Instagram profile with a high engagement rate amongst their community. Teeling Whiskey does a good job of regularly partnering with other Irish brands for posts. This gives Teelings potential exposure to other consumers and helps diversify their feed.
Teeling also share some charming photos generated by their community. 
12.1k – Followers
A weekly farming newspaper’s whose Instagram profile is a brilliant example of how User Generated Content(UGC) can create a profile that is not only eye-catching and gorgeous to look at but is bursting with personality.
Consumers are no longer passive receivers and want to be involved with your brand. The Farmers Journal has a very high engagement rate with their community as they actively promote their consumer’s content.
20.8k – Followers
Do you like dags? Now you may think to yourself “oh yeah Dogs Trust have it easy”. Posting images of dogs is a sure fire way to get likes on any social media account. While yes this may be partially true and I myself have shamelessly used this to my advantage in the past. What is important here, is that Dogs Trust Ireland don’t post an image of a random dog and expect engagement, they give you the story and the connection to the dog.
It is the story behind the things that are interesting not the things themselves. This is a good tip that I think all Irish brands can benefit from. Dogs Trust Ireland also mix up their feed with photos, videos and stories that give their community a richer experience.

#christmas2017 #puppyplay

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104k – Followers
The FAI uses a wide variety of content to maximise reach and engagement of this visual medium, stories, live videos, graphics, photos, photo collages, polls etc all add together to give their followers a closer connection to the teams featured.
202k – Followers
A vegan company created by twins David and Stephen Flynn. These guys not only have a bestselling book and popular products, their Instagram account is great too. Their account has the most followers on our list and mainly centres around their food and the lifestyle of the twins. Disclaimer none of us here in the office are vegan but check out some of their gorgeous looking food.
Well, that’s it for our list today, If you have any questions or if you know of any Irish brands that should be in our list? Feel free to email us on To stay connected with all the latest news sign up to our email below. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and if you’d like more from us check out the media page.

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