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Hello from the Instagram World Cup here in Russia (yeah right, we wish). Its World Cup week and the madness is here. Well, maybe not as much for us here in Ireland as it could’ve been had we actually managed to qualify. Nevertheless, it’s sure to bring entertainment for many around the world as they don their national colours and scream at the telly like the team and ref can hear you. Or is that just me?

It seems like there are no clear-cut favourites for the World Cup this year. Well at least us here at the office couldn’t agree on it. So, before a ball is kicked, the Trigger Movement team thought we could at least pick the best Instagram accounts in each group in what we are calling the Instagram World Cup.


Trigger Movement - Instagram World Cup

Group A

First up is Group A containing the hosts Russia who have the second most followers in this group and Saudi Arabia with no Instagram account at all (which made our jobs a little bit easier). We decided that Luis Suarez’s Uruguay were deserved winners. The account had a better mix of content and used video and stories to better effect than their rivals., plus they have the most following of the group.

Group A Winners: Uruguay  


Group B

The group with perhaps the most interesting group game of the tournament featuring neighbours Spain and Portugal. It proved to be just as difficult and tight a decision as their match might be on the 15th of June. With group competitors Iran and Morocco falling far behind, the decision came down to minor details. Portugal’s higher quality posts, including their Instagram stories, and higher amount of followers handed the victory to Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal.

Group B Winners: Portugal


Trigger Movement - Portugal Instagram Stories
Portugal’s Instagram Story

Group C

An interesting group for Irish fans which features the team that knocked us out of the qualifiers, Denmark. They are in a group with a much-fancied French side and the country with the joint-most Instagram followers at the World Cup. This group proved to be a surprise for us with a very strong performance from Peru whose account and general branding being beautiful well-designed. But for us, the French account took the top spot as they successfully married eye-catching posts with content that gave followers a deeper connection with the team and its players.

Group C Winners: France


Group D

The group featuring Argentina and the magician that is Lionel Messi and also the World Cup’s smallest country Iceland with a population of just 330,000. Argentina’s account failed to impress us with some badly placed graphics disrupting many posts. Iceland deserves an honourable mention for its humour and sense of personality but they lacked the regular posting and better quality posts of our eventual group winners Croatia.

Group D Winners: Croatia


Group E

The group with one of the bookies’ favourites, Brazil, who are not only likely to impress at the World Cup but they also impressed us with their Instagram account. They are deserved winners of this group with a nice mix of graphics, photo collages and videos. They also used stories in an inventive way, making a quiz with one story and generally encouraging engagement from fans. Honourable mention to the small Central American country of Costa Rica who put up a good show with a respectable account.

Group E Winners: Brazil


Group F

Containing one of the other bookie’s favourites, Germany the World Cup holders. This group proved to be difficult to pick a winner from with all teams doing a decent job. However, after much debate, we eventually chose the World Cup Holders Germany. Their account had an overall higher quality appearance to it but credit goes to Mexico, Sweden and South Korea for their Instagram love.  

Group F Winners: Germany



Group G

A noticeably quieter media build-up to England’s World Cup preparation this year. Their group has Belgium a team with exceptional talent who have failed to deliver in past tournaments. It was the English who took top honours for us in this group. Instagram is a visual medium and their quality photographs stole the show with some great action shots. Hat tip to Panama who has a surprisingly good account with regular posting and good use of Instagram stories.

Group G Winners: England

Flying save. 👐

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Group H

The last group, while not one of the strongest groups in the competition are sure to bring plenty of colour and flavour to the World Cup. Columbia have the highest amount of followers in this group. However, we thought that Poland had the best overall account with better quality posts and use of stories which leads to a higher engagement rate.

Group H Winners: Poland

Bonus Account

So there you have it, our group winners. But before you go we thought we’d give you a bonus account. While Ireland, unfortunately, didn’t make the World Cup this year after a hefty defeat to Denmark, we thought it would be still worth comparing our Instagram, and you’d be pleasantly surprised. With regular posts covering all levels of the association and good quality content the FAIreland account is even nominated for the best use of Instagram at the Sockies 2018 (Social Media Awards)…at least we can be proud of that.

The joy! 😃 #COYBIG #Ireland #Wales #Cardiff #WorldCup #WALIRL

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This article was lovingly created by James Henry, head blog writer here at Trigger Movement.


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